PhD Studentship: Global Studies

PSL Research University Paris and the Program Global Studies offer two doctoral fellowships, to start in 2016-7. Candidates can be from every field in the humanities and social sciences. Their projects must express a clear global topic and analysis related to the main axes of the program (hereafter).

Global studies includes both research and teaching in all fields in the humanities and social sciences; it recasts global studies as a global enterprise, creating a space for graduate students to formulate ideas and refine research strategies collaboratively across institutional boundaries and national traditions.

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PhD Opportunity: Formation of Urbanity

The Institute of Social Anthropology and the interdisciplinary program in Urban and Landscape Studies at the University of Basel are offering two PhD positions for the SNF-funded research project Making the City: Agency, Urbanity and Urbanisation in Ordinary Cities (2016–2019)The project will explore the formation of urbanity by comparing respective processes in four cities of the Global South: Goma, DR Congo; Cartagena, Colombia; Johannesburg, South Africa and Yaoundé, Cameroon. Based on qualitative, interpretive and comparative methodology, fieldwork is planned in all four cities by two senior, two post-doc and two PhD researchers. PhD candidates are expected to conduct field research in one of the four cities according to their experience and choice in close collaboration with the other members of the research.

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PhD: International Environmental Politics (2 positions)

The successful candidate will complete a doctoral dissertation in the framework of the project "Regional Orders in International Environmental Politics (REORIENT)" financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). The project examines the proliferation of regional environmental agreements, with a special focus on situations where countries are subject to multiple, overlapping agreements (pluri-regionality). It investigates the mechanisms driving regionalization and responses to pluri-regionality by means of a global assessment using the international environmental agreements database as well as a comparative study of East/Southeast Europe and East/Southeast Asia. 

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PhD Scholarship (Targeted Governmental Aid, Health)

Suitably qualified candidates are invited to apply for this fully-funded, 3-year PhD studentship which is a collaboration between the Department of Economics at the University of Sheffield and The Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (The Global Fund), one of the largest and most influential multilateral institutions devoted to international development. This innovative research will draw on economic theory and state-of-the-art quantitative methods to investigate government responses to foreign aid targeted to the health sector and its influence on population health.

The Department of Economics has a well-established and successful postgraduate research programme with around 30 students studying for PhD degrees in a wide range of topics. If you choose to study at Sheffield you will become part of this lively community and play a key role in the academic life of the department. All PhD students are given a desk and a computer in the department and offered opportunities for advanced training.

Deadline for scholarship applications: Friday 4th March 2016 at 17:00. See below for application instructions.

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